*For Teachers: Use Newspapers In The Classroom

Posted on August 12, 2011


Here’s a great website if you’re looking to use newspapers in the classroom.

PressDisplay.Com features publications from all over the world. Many of the main Scottish and UK titles are included, but you can go further afield and see what newspapers are like in the USA, Armenia and the Dominican Republic if you like! You can also go ultra local – Canterbury Echo anyone?!

You register for free and choose what you’d like to look at. You can set your favourite newspapers and their latest front pages will automatically be loaded each time you visit. For most, looking at the front page is free but to delve further you have to pay.

For example, a full digital version of today’s Independent would cost me 69p in credits.

There’s even a “Newspaper Radio” function which takes each page and reads it aloud.

There’s big potential with this site and it allows teachers to very quickly show how a variety of newspapers cover the same story. You can explore the differences between tabloid and broadsheet. How a national paper has very different priorities from a local one.

Then you could set the class a project to write about their summer holidays using different styles. For example, in one lesson they write about their holidays as though they were working for a broadsheet newspaper. Then the following day they write about the same experience but in a tabloid style with less detail, more excitement and a punchy tabloid headline.

Recognise the importance of pictures too and the different stance each paper takes and their contrasting values.

Use the “Calendar” function to move back in time – archive copies are kept going back several months.

If you want to go further back in history, have a look at this site from Google. It’s free to use and full of scans of newspapers going back several hundred years.