Reporter visits Afghanistan

Posted on September 10, 2011


My friend and former colleague Corrie Martin (Deputy News Editor at Real Radio) recently visited Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

She’s put together an excellent blog detailling her experiences, alongside extensive video clips and pictures.

This is well worth a look as an example of the opportunities available to broadcast journalists who reach the top of their game. It can also be used as a starting point for lessons and discussions about now military conflicts should be covered, the risks and opportunities involved.

CLICK HERE to visit the material on the Real Radio website.

Questions you might consider/discuss in class…

– If you were a journalist and you were offered this trip, would you go?

– What would you say to friends and family members who were worried about you going to such dangerous environment when you didn’t need to?

– If you go as a guest of the British Army, what restrictions does this place on the type of coverage you give them? Would you feel comfortable saying anything negative about their work?

– Beyond the material you can see on the Real Radio website, what other ways could the radio station have used the content?

– Is there anyone Corrie hasn’t spoken to or written about that you would have liked to find out about if you’d been in her shoes?

– Should the media make more trips like this to try and understand what’s going on? Where else could reporters go? Think beyond war zones…what other parts of our society and our world are unrepresented in the media?