Why Am I Doing This?

Posted on September 12, 2011


A fair question and one I’ve been asked a few times since starting this website.

It’s partly because in the last few years, members of the next generation of broadcasters have been asking me for help and advice on how to get started and I think it makes sense to get as much information as possible in the one place. It’s something I’d have liked when I was starting out and giving something back makes me feel good.

It’s partly because my wife is a school teacher interested in delivering media related lessons in the classroom, and she’s expressed disappointment at the lack of relevant resources available.

But the main reason, if I’m being honest, is because I want the media to be better. We all benefit if the best new talent gets involved in the industry. And we all suffer if it doesn’t.

And today, I’m pleased to find someone else who feels the same and he expresses the importance of helping each other quite brilliantly.

So, please, whether you’ve been in the media industry for years or are just starting out CLICK HERE and read a fascinating interview with Chase Murphy, Operations Manager at WFBC and WSPA in Greenville, South Carolina.