**For Teachers – Is this too much?

Posted on October 24, 2011


Some people are very upset because newspapers and television news bulletins chose to show very graphic pictures of Colonel Gadaffi’s bloodied and battered body after his capture and killing last week.

There were pictures of him being held to a truck moment before he died. Some outlets went further and showed his body AFTER his death.

Ask the class what they’d have done if they were a newspaper editor or in charge of a television news bulletin.

Is is acceptable to show such graphic images? Are people interested in them? Is it your duty to show these pictures? Or is it more important not to risk upsetting anyone? What if it traumatises children? And if a human being is killed – even if that human being is guilty of carrying out some terrible atrocities – do they deserve dignity in death?

This article is worth a read. It explains the debate about the coverage and includes scans of many of the UK national newspapers’ front pages showing how they covered Gadaffi’s death.

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