How YouTube can help with demos

Posted on January 18, 2012


I get asked a lot about demo tapes and how you should attract the attention of Programme Directors if you want to work in radio.

Have you considered putting your audio on YouTube?

It has many benefits. First, it’s a consistent file format that I know is going to work and searching for something on YouTube takes me straight to a video I can play.

Compare that to a search on Google. That returns websites but once I’ve landed on the website the actual file I want to play could still be several clicks away and even then it might be in a format the browser can’t play.

Putting audio on YouTube makes it very easy to share – you can still email people the link or embed the video on social media or on your official website. On top of that, Google owns YouTube which means any material you have there will get a nice boost up the search rankings. And putting your demo on YouTube means there’s a chance you might be found organically. Very few radio stations actually have much content on YouTube – so if you think carefully about the title of your video and keywords and tags you use – there’s a chance your demos or pilot programmes could build up a following – and if you’re good that makes it harder for a Programme Director to ignore you.

Of course the problem some people have is how to get an audio file onto YouTube in the correct format. It’s actually very easy.

All you need is your MP3 and a JPG picture you want to go with the audio.

Then click here to upload audio to YouTube It’s a really simple website that takes care of everything for you. You’ll need to sign up for a YouTube account. Create your own YouTube channel and upload regular pilot programmes. That way your growing fan base can keep track of what you’re doing and you’ll have real, live audience numbers to share with a Programme Director rather than just ambition.