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Rewind: A typical week on the Real Radio newsdesk

February 15, 2012


Let’s rewind a few years to late 2005 when I was working as Deputy News Editor at Real Radio. I wrote this article for Press Gazette explaining what the job involved. Have a read and you’ll get an idea of the huge variety in this kind of job. Just one of the reasons why I […]

A post about RAJAR

February 3, 2012


RAJAR is the system used to measure radio audiences. Sometimes I’ve been lucky. Figures for my old show on Clyde 1 increased 6 quarters in a row. Sometimes I’ve been unlucky. When I started, the numbers went down for the first 9 months. And there is an element of “luck” in both the good and the […]

How much will you compromise?

January 18, 2012


Chances are you’ve got an ultimate ambition for your work in the media. What’s the dream? Hosting your own new music show in the evenings on BBC Radio 1? Making audiences all over Scotland laugh in the mornings on Clyde 1, Real Radio or Capital? Being a news anchor on BBC News Channel? Maybe having […]

**For Teachers – Is this too much?

October 24, 2011


Some people are very upset because newspapers and television news bulletins chose to show very graphic pictures of Colonel Gadaffi’s bloodied and battered body after his capture and killing last week. There were pictures of him being held to a truck moment before he died. Some outlets went further and showed his body AFTER his […]

**For teachers:Class discussion – Can blogs replace newspapers?

September 22, 2011


(LEVEL: Advanced – senior pupils, college students) We regularly hear claims about the newspaper industry going downhill. Falling circulation figures, declining ad revenues, redundancies, and some titles even closing down. “Fast forward a few years” some of the experts say “and there’ll be no papers left, we’ll get our news for free on the internet”. And […]